Services We Offer

RR Design, LLC provides a range of services for the home owner to obtain a permit to build on their property. We work with all disciplines to complete full working constructions documents to submit to a jurisdiction in your area.

    Designing a home from scratch to accommodate your family’s life style. We will make this the most exciting adventure for you.

    Locating your home on your property, showing driveway, impervious areas, contours and other information according to your jurisdiction requirements is a must for all projects.

    Drafting can be useful in many areas. It can provide instructions on show your contractor, engineer, local building department or you, the homeowner, how to build the structure.

    Very exciting! We are continually practicing the most effective way to do 3D modeling. We understand that some clients want to be able to visualize their dream home and there is nothing like a model to provide perspective, colors and materials.

  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
    Similar to 3D modeling, BIM can provide a 3D model to save time in material take-off and budget costs in a most effective way.

    Not everyone wants to move out of their neighborhood. You might be in a good location, close to work, family, friends or in a good school district. And you may be looking to update that outdated home into something new and exciting. Let’s talk and see if we can work on a design that works for your everyday living life style.
  • ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) / DADU (Detached Accessory Dwelling Units)
    Some people have aging parents, children moving back home, or just want some additional income and would like to create a small apartment home in their house, above the garage or detached from their home on the property. We can plan, design and assist.  
    Permit process can be a challenging undertaking. No worries, RR Design will work with the jurisdiction that you are in to meet all the requirements for permit review. We will answer city or county comments for our drawings whether we, or another party is the submittal applicant.
    This is the study of code and zoning analysis that will list services to be offered and how they will be delivered to make your project feasible. This helps to identify problems, solutions and details on how we will deliver a sustainable design.

    A lot of times local cities / counties may provide comments in order to complete the review process. RR Design will answer these comments by clouding the changes on the plans and provide a response letter for re-submittal.

In addition to these services, RR Design, LLC works with Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Arborists, Geologists, Remodel & Addition Contractors and Custom Home Builders. No job is too small or too big. Please contact us today for a free consultation.