Paul Rector - Owner & Designer

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Paul, owner and designer of RR Design LLC has over 15 years’ experience in residential design. He has work with several home design firms and home builders in the past years where he has been able to gain the experience and skill to accommodate any design situation.

The best for a contractor is to get a good set of drawings that allow the builder to build what's on the page, a must for builders, subcontractors and homeowners.

"Changes in the field cost a fortune in time and money, so drawing the plans right from the beginning will save everyone a lot.

Drawing the plans right from the beginning involves communication with the client in all stages of design. This approach is the only way to ensure drawings are done right from the beginning.

This honest approach leads to shorter approval times, fewer change orders and a smoother building experience. RR Design, LLC builds not just great plans but friendships. His way is a breath of fresh air and he's passionate about his work.

With over 15 years of experience in designing custom homes RR Design, LLC has specialized in creating innovative, functional, and cost-effective house plans which feature the most popular design concepts and best-selling amenities in today's residential market

Paul thrives from a challenge and is always testing the limits of his ability to provide a building design for the client to see clearly and for the builder to build from a nice set of full working construction documents and yet be cost effective. He works close with the structural engineer to continue using best design framing practices.




Our philosophy is simple: to give our clients the home they have always envisioned. We strive to exceed expectations by our responsiveness to the client’s ideas and by our creativity, our uniqueness in design, and our professionalism throughout the development of the project to its completion. Our approach is a design process centered around the needs of the individual. One of the secrets to our success is listening. It is the key to understanding what the home should be. We mix a client’s aspirations and dreams with our expertise, resulting in a home that reflects the client’s own personal style, grace, and vision. We combine our talents and our client’s ideas with a myriad of talented consultants, each a specialist in their field, to create a unified harmonious project.

RR Designs are unique to each project because we do not apply the same design solution, or impose our own style on any project. We blend the client’s needs with the site and the environment to make every project an original.